Do fado ao tango, de Zeca Afonso a Bach. É assim, ao som dos saxafones, o espetáculo que Henk van Twillert e os Vento do Norte estão a apresentar, atualmente, nos Estados Unidos. 

A tournée “Once upon a time…in America”, que junta Henk van Twillert e os Vento do Norte, um conjunto português de saxofones da Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espetáculo do Politécnico do Porto, anda a percorrer a América do Norte.

By Karina Hof -

Exploring Newark’s Delicious Portuguese Coffee Culture

Ricky Duraes calls to say he’ll be right there. It’s a warm, sustainably bright morning, and I’m standing on the corner of Ferry and Madison streets in Newark, New Jersey. I can think of no one better than Duraes to talk about the Portuguese coffee scene in the Ironbound neighborhood. This immigrant community is one he became acquainted with 20 years ago, when he left Portugal for the United States, where he started a part-time journalism career. His beat was, and still is, the very neighborhood where I’m waiting for him to finesse the double-parking whims of the Garden State’s most populous city.

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