HOBOKEN, NJ – A solid crowd gathered on Sunday evening at the Sinatra Park in Hoboken, to see the first game in the Super Division of the NJSA State Cup Champions, Hump Street FC. As expected both teams have shown some great skills that night, that pleased the crowd.

It all started with a penalty kick called by the referee early in the first half, that was converted to a goal by Courtney Marshallfrom Sport Club Portuguese. Despite an early hit, the home team pushed forward and got rewarded by scoring twice. It was Andrew Tuminello who placed the shot 20 yards from goal, giving Rafal Krauze no chance to reach the ball. Javier Vegas who came as a substitution made his first contact with the ball, by scoring a great goal from distance, giving the home team a 2:1 lead.

After the half time break the game continued it the same fashion, with both teams sharing a 50% ball possession. It was Luis Irigoyen-Gadea who delivered a nice goal, giving the Sport Club Portuguese the equalizer. READ MORE





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