About Us

Sport Club Português is a cultural organization founded in 1921, it is a leading institution located in the heart of the Ironbound section of Newark, New Jersey.  

SCP is a symbol of Portuguese tradition and culture, combining both past and new traditions.  It is, in fact, one of the strongest and oldest ethnic organizations on the East Coast and in the Ironbound community.  

SCP has thrived tenaciously through the education of Portuguese traditions such as: folk dancing, theater, cultural events, museum/library, language school and sports, namely soccer. 

Since 1921, SCP has opened its doors to all of the local cultures of the community, creating a bigger home for many over the years.  Throughout the years, we have seen our institution become a locus for our vibrant City of Newark, as well as a tool in enriching cultural resources for our community. 

In fact, these community events are essential in uniting our local and surrounding communities.