Claudia Gouveia visited the Luis de Camoes School

On Saturday, April 22nd, author Claudia Gouveia visited the Luis de Camoes School in Newark, New Jersey. Claudia is a former graduate of this Portuguese school on Congress Street, and her visit was warmly received by the students.

During her visit, Claudia spoke about her books, the inspiration behind them, and her determination to do what she loves, which is writing. The students were eager to learn from her, and the session turned into a very interactive meeting with a lot of questions and answers.

At the end of the session, each student received a copy of Claudia’s book, which she personally autographed for them. The students were thrilled to have a signed copy of the book and were grateful for the opportunity to meet the author.

The success of this meeting has encouraged the school management to plan more activities like this in the future. The Luis de Camoes School was founded in 1931 and teaches Portuguese from pre-K to 9th grade every Saturday in Newark, with some classes also available online.

If you are interested in learning more about the school and its programs, you can contact them at The school welcomes everyone who wants to learn Portuguese and connect with the Portuguese culture.

In conclusion, Claudia Gouveia’s visit to the Luis de Camoes School was an inspiring and engaging experience for the students. It is essential to have such interactions with successful individuals who can motivate and inspire the younger generation to pursue their dreams. The school management’s commitment to organizing more such activities shows their dedication to providing their students with the best educational experience possible.

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