Luis de Camoes Portuguese School (SCP) held its first ever tricky tray event

On Sunday April 23, the Luis de Camoes Portuguese School (SCP) held its first ever tricky tray event, which was organized with the aim of raising additional funds for cultural activities for the students. The event was a tremendous success, with over 150 guests in attendance, all eager to get their hands on one of the many fantastic prizes on offer.

The day began early for the volunteers, who had the task of setting up the SCP hall to receive the guests at 1PM. They worked tirelessly to create an inviting and exciting atmosphere, with over 100 prizes on display, ranging from an iPad to a kids bike. The kitchen was also a hive of activity, with the delicious smells of the food being prepared making everyone very hungry. The volunteers were in great spirits, excited to see the event get underway.

The MC for the event was Zee Oliveira, who, along with a dedicated team of helpers, kept the show going for several hours. The afternoon’s highlight was a special visit from councilman Michael Silva, who spoke to the crowd and congratulated everyone on their initiative. The atmosphere was electric, with guests eagerly trying to win their favorite prizes and enjoy the festivities.

At the end of the day, everyone walked away with several prizes, but the real winners were the students of SCP. The event was a huge success, and the Sport Club Portuguese team is extremely grateful to all the guests, sponsors, and volunteers who contributed to making it a reality. The funds raised will help to organize additional cultural activities for the students, and the team is already planning for next year’s event.

Overall, the Luis de Camoes Portuguese School’s first ever tricky tray event was a wonderful success, bringing together the community for an afternoon of fun and excitement. The SCP team is proud to have organized such a successful event and is already looking forward to next year’s event, which promises to be even bigger and better.

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